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Rooftop Ecosystems & Green Walls  

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Our green rooftop ecosystem is a green roof that mimics the local Mediterranean ecosystem. So it can survive the oven-hot weather and desiccating winds just like the wild plants do, with very little water.
While it does that, it is also actively cooling your home, office, warehouse: whatever it is sitting on really.
So you could switch off your air-conditioning!  Well, if you want to have an indoor temperature of 18 degrees Centigrade when it’s 40 degrees outside, then at least you will save a lot of energy, just cooling from around 27 degrees rather than from 40 or more. So you are doing both your bank balance and the environment a favour, not to mention your health!

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Our green wall is our rooftop ecosystem turned upright. It needs a little more care, as most natural ecosystems are not vertical, but it has the same benefits as far as heating and cooling, CO2 and other pollutant absorption, flood abatement, biodiversity fostering and general wellbeing are concerned.




As the rooftop ecosystem mimics the wild spots still left in Malta, it will cost you much less to water than a ground-level garden and certainly much less than a lawn. That’s about 300lt per square metre per year; for the first three years, as that’s how long it takes for the ecosystem to develop. After that, if you want you can turn off the water supply. 


Both the green roof and green wall systems help to protect your building from the outside temperatures. In the summer the plants actively cool by pulling the heat out of the building through an action similar to perspiration. In the winter their water content acts as an effective insulator, keeping the warmth inside.



VIVACITY green roof system is an ecosystem. So from day 1 it attracts local butterflies, birds and provides fertile ground for wild plants to seed. In effect, your VIVACITY rooftop ecosystem is replacing the wild field your building is standing on and giving space to biodiversity to thrive and multiply. That’s not just to make you feel warm and fluffy; without thriving biodiversity, our climate will spiral out of control, our food will not be pollinated and the basis for our survival will disappear.

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At 60kg per square metre when fully watered, it’s a feather weight green roof system compared to other available green roofs or plant pots. Our rule of thumb is: if you can safely walk on the roof, you can put our rooftop ecosystem on it without costly reinforcements.


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