Participation in a PEER to PEER review on Reducing Enviromental Impacts from Waste.

Knowledge exchange between Belgium and Malta on improving collection rates and recycling of packaging waste


Vanya Veras, founder of  VIVACITY, in her role as Secretary General of Municipal Waste Europe, was instrumental in organising an EIR (European Implementation Review)  PEER TO PEER programme held on the 23rd and 24th October in Malta. 

This PEER Review, held in context of the EU funding programme near TAIEX was organised to facilitate the exchange of knowledge on waste management, recycling technologies and the implementation of such waste management techniques from Belgian municipalities who have achieved high recycling rates and low landfill rates to Maltese counterparts .

VIVACITY Belgian experts.jpeg

During this PEER to PEER meeting 3 Belgian experts from Flemish municipalities and the Belgian producer responsibility organisation, FostPlus, shared their experience of improving separate waste collection, investing in sorting technology and recycling technologies with Malta's PRO GreenPak, 13 local council representatives, ERA and the Ministry for the Environment .

 Vanya Veras as Secretary General of Municipal Waste Europe spoke at the event, encouraging our Maltese local council representatives to take courage from the successes of the Belgian municipalities, to request backup for enforcement and consideration of the system that has brought success to all low landfilling countries. She pointed out that the system of a chargeable mixed waste bag and nearly free recycling bags is a step in the right direction.
It is a positive incentive and works out cheaper for each citizen.

Vanya VIVACITY PEER Review green roofs 2.jpeg
Today we pay for waste management with our taxes. With the bag system, we choose how much we pay. The more we recycle, the cheaper our home waste management.
— Vanya Veras