VIVACITY Green Roofs & Green Walls

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Green Roofs

The green rooftop ecosystem proposed by VIVACITY is a natural thermal insulation tool for buildings, designed to cater for Mediterranean construction and to survive the high temperatures, high winds, extended periods of drought and heavy rainfall. We call it a rooftop ecosystem because its component parts converge to create a replica of a Mediterranean ecosystem. The technique was developed and has been successfully implemented in Greece since 2007, Israel since 2011 and in Malta since 2018.

This technique is in fact a roof treatment, and can be treated as any other building material which aims to insulate and protect the roof surface of a building. 

Vivacity roof top system.png

Additionally, it protects the waterproofing layer which otherwise is degraded by UV light and must be replaced every 5 to 10 years. 

In line with resource efficiency requirements, it also protects the building envelope from daily expansion and contraction during the 7 to 9 months per year with temperatures of 35°C or more in Malta, extending the lifetime of the building and finishings. At an ambient temperature of 35°C, the roof surface temperature can vary daily by up to 53°C without the green roof treatment and as little as 8°C after treatment.

Vivacity green roof garden, decking and gravel

The rooftop ecosystem acts as a dynamic insulation layer, actively cooling during the summer and keeping the heat inside during the cold winter months. The cooling action is achieved initially by the shading created by placing the green roof layers on the surface of the roof and enhanced by the activity of the plants which provide the active cooling. It can provide up to 75% reduction in air-conditioning requirements. It is possible to replace air-conditioning with ceiling fans. 

We will design your green roof to match your specific requirements. Our innovative modular design means we can plan your rooftop garden, walkways and decking to meet your specific requirements.

Our green roof system is adapted to thrive in hot, windy and dry climates in two key ways: it requires 90% less water than a ground-level garden in the same weather conditions and needs little to no maintenance.

Green Wall

Our green wall uses the same principles of water storage and reduction of evaporation matched with Mediterranean zone plant varieties that are used for our green roof system. As well as decorating your wall, this green wall will provide insulation against climatic elements, some sound proofing and will generate a healthier air quality in the surrounding microclimate by absorbing pollution and emitting oxygen.

The founder and owner of VIVACITY LTD, Vanya Veras, trained with the developer of this technology, in Greece for three years. A local team of four people is being trained by the original developer and the Israeli company which has been implementing this technique in the desert since 2009. One of these experts will be present at each installation in Malta for the first three years.

green wall vivacity

Benefits of a Green Roof or Green Wall

  • As the rooftop ecosystem mimics the wild spots still left in Malta, it will cost much less to water than a ground-level garden and certainly much less than a lawn. As of the fourth year, if the client wishes, the water can be switched off entirely and the plants will survive. Combined with the low to no maintenance costs, this system therefore has minimal post installation costs.

  • The cost of heating and cooling can be reduced by up to 75% depending on the user.

  • As a result of lower cooling needs, less exhaust heat from air-conditioning will be ejected into the ambient air, lowering outside temperatures, reducing noise and providing a very effective and noticeable reduction in the urban heat island around the building.

  • The surface area of a roof with this treatment will offset the flooding caused by the building during heavy rains by absorbing the rainwater and slowing down its transition to street level. As multiple roofs with this treatment can reduce inconvenience to citizens as well as reducing public sector cost for waste water treatment and flood damage, it is another effective and visible benefit, aiding Malta to implement the UN SDGs.

  • As a result of the design of this green roof treatment, as soon as it is planted, it attracts local butterflies, birds, bees and provides fertile ground for wild plants to seed. In effect, this greened rooftop will replace the wild field the building is standing on and give space to biodiversity to thrive. Biodiversity and green spaces are important to the building’s occupants, neighbours and to the ability of local agriculture to continue to thrive.

  • At 50kg per square metre when fully watered, it’s a featherweight compared to other available systems or plant pots. Modern Maltese roofs are built to hold at least 100kg/m2. This makes them safe for implementation of our green roof system without costly reinforcements. As per the client’s wishes, a civil engineer can be asked to certify this for the building to be greened.

Benefits green roof vivacity

Pricing Terms

Green Roofs

Our prices are set per metre squared of green roof installed. This is a turnkey installation with no necessary intervention by the client post-installation. Pre-installation the client must ensure that the roof to be greened has no ‘pooling’ of water after rainfall, good drainage, sound waterproofing and a tap with access to water for watering.

VIVACITY provides the client with a fully installed green roof system complete with: 

  • protective layers: anti-root, drainage and water storage membranes

  • filled and planted pillows

  • irrigation pipes and timed watering system

  • one year of maintenance to guide the establishment of an ecosystem

It does not include:  

  • Ensuring that the roof to be greened has no ‘pooling’ of water after rainfall and good drainage 

  • sound waterproofing 

  • a tap with access to water for watering

  • verification of the static load by a civil engineer if desired by the client

VIVACITY can organise and coordinate these necessary prior steps if the client wishes.

For installations of over 100m 2 , a lower offer will be made in accordance with the total size of the roof surface to be greened. Additional costs for installation may be necessary depending on accessibility to the roof or the need for scaffolding for a green wall.

For more pricing information or a quote please contact us.

Green Walls

As with the Green roofs our pricing includes a turnkey installation.

We provide you with a fully installed green wall system complete with: 

  • filled and planted green wall panel

  • irrigation pipes and timed watering system

A maintenance contract is required with a green wall installation. Maintenance visits will be weekly for three months after installation and monthly thereafter, lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour each time.

For a quote please contact us

vivacity wall garden 2.jpg

Images provided are of fully mature green roof & green wall ecosystems - what they will look like within 3 years. It will take at least 12 months for the plants to grow and hide the underlying planting beds. It is possible to provide a mulch covering of the visible textile according to client wishes.

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